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The Ultimate Healthy Pantry Shopping List- Made Easy and Simple!

Your ultimate guide for a healthy pantry shopping list to make sure you have plenty of delicious foods on hand that will support your goals!

Your ultimate guide for a healthy pantry shopping list to make sure you have plenty of delicious foods on hand that will support your goals!

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The Importance of a Healthy Pantry

The reason why having a stocked, healthy pantry is so essential for making progress towards your weight management goals is simple. It makes sense that people will eat the foods most easily available to them.

Ideally, you want to have a pantry that is full of healthy foods instead of higher-calorie processed foods you may crave. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many healthy options I have at home, there are a few junk foods that I can’t help snacking on (I’m looking at you, gummy bears!).

This is why I recommend stocking up on the healthy pantry items below and also getting rid of the processed foods over time (throw them away, donate them, or just don’t buy them again).

Your Healthy Pantry Shopping List

I created this resource to be your one-stop-shop, so all of these items are available on Amazon for you to conveniently order as you go through this list. All links in a new tab, so you won’t lose your place on this page!

Condiments & Spices

The base of healthy cooking is learning how to prepare foods simply with flavorful spices and condiments that either provide nutritious benefits (e.g., extra-virgin olive oil) or are low-calorie (e.g., mustard).

If you regularly use high-calorie condiments like ranch, blue cheese dressing, and mayonnaise, I would highly recommend making easy swaps from the list below to increase the nutrients in your meals and lower the calories.

Baking Essentials

Having healthy baking ingredients on hand makes it easy to try out lighter recipes of the sweets you may be craving as you change your eating habits. Here are my go-to baking essentials:

Canned & Bottled Goods

Canned/bottled foods can be a healthy base, side dish, or addition to your meals and are super easy to prepare. I recommend keeping these staples around:


Here are some ideas for grains to include in your meals that will not spike your blood sugar as high as white pasta or white rice. You may be surprised at how delicious some of these can be!

Breakfast Foods

Having some shelf-stable breakfast options on hand is helpful on busy mornings. The key is to avoid high-carb options that will spike your blood sugar and leave you hungry soon after eating. Here are some of my favorite picks!

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are incredibly nutritious snack options that will provide you with heart-healthy sources of fat and keep you full between meals. Always opt for raw varieties that have not been roasted in inflammatory oils (like soybean or canola oil) and loaded up with salt!

Better-For-You Snack Options

If you’re craving chips or other snacks that you may be trying to cut down on as part of your healthy lifestyle, these substitutes are for you! I’m by no means saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your favorites in moderation, but this list is to provide you with additional options that may be easier to fit into your healthy eating or weight loss plan!

For more inspiration for snacks (and another place to buy many of the other items on this shopping list), check out Thrive Market! I’ve been a big fan and customer of Thrive Market since they were founded in 2015. They keep an incredible selection of organic groceries, delivered to your door for very affordable prices. They have a special offer for my audience to receive a free gift (like one of the options on this list!) with their first order! Click the picture below!

Your First Step: Create Your Healthy Pantry Shopping List

I created this guide to be as comprehensive as possible, but I understand that seeing so many options may feel overwhelming. In practice, creating a healthy pantry begins with your first step: creating YOUR healthy pantry shopping list.

Reading through the options outlined above, where is the first place you feel like your pantry could use a makeover? Maybe you want to add in raw nuts as a snack option or replace the white pasta you typically make with chickpea pasta.

Your first step is to pick just three products from this list to try out this week. Then, keep adding new foods into your pantry week after week, and eventually you’ll be amazed by the healthy, nutrient-dense options available in your pantry.

Change takes time but requires you to take the leap of this first step.

Dr. Schulte’s Summary

I hope this article has provided you with LOTS of inspiration for how you can work towards creating a healthy pantry. Remember, the more healthy options you have on hand, the more likely you are to follow through with your healthy eating or weight loss plan! While there are many options detailed on this list, I encourage you to pick just three new products to try out this week.

What products did you pick to try first? Let me know in the comments!

Click here to get my free guide that outlines the first three specific steps you should take ASAP to kickstart your weight loss journey!

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and are not affiliated with my employers. Please seek medical guidance before pursuing weight loss or making significant changes to the way you eat or your physical activity routine.

8 replies on “The Ultimate Healthy Pantry Shopping List- Made Easy and Simple!”

Hi, there are so many important points listed here. Since I am still working from home most of the time, the food in our pantry is the absolute best way to control my diet. Most recently I have been aggressively reducing cholesterol. I don’t eat red meat anyway and only have fish or chicken maybe once a week or so. For me, dairy is my big weakness. So I have eliminated dairy altogether. As a consequence, I have been trying all kinds of milk and creamer substitutes. Because I like a cappuccino in the mornings one of the key features of a milk substitute, quite apart from zero cholesterol is its ability to froth when steamed. I’ve found one coconut milk that will froth at times, not always though and I do actually like the taste but I can’t always find that in the store so often I end up with oat milk or almond milk. Another weakness of mine that I have eliminated is potato chips, even though I can find potato chips that are zero cholesterol, I know they are not good for me. I won’t even start on the subject of cheese. I am really missing cheese. Best regards, Andy

Hi, Andy! You raise such important points about your experiences in changing your eating habits. While it is incredible that you are prioritizing lowering your cholesterol, it sounds like there are some foods you want to find substitutes for that you actually enjoy! Have you tried these chips by Boulder Canyon? They are made with avocado oil and have zero cholesterol. For creamer, I’ve heard excellent things about the frothiness of NutPods Oat Milk Creamer and Califia Farms Creamer. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

I have been struggling to eat healthier. Since this pandemic started, I have been eating a lot more. I believe that staying at home hasn’t done me any good. So, finding a service like this can really be game changer for me. I will start by creating my Healthy Pantry shopping list. I’m excited about this!

Hi Ann! I’m really glad to hear that you have found this resource helpful. What would be the first 3 healthy products you would like to add to your pantry? Let me know if I can offer more suggestions!

Thank you so much for this helpful shopping list to stock the ultimate healthy pantry! I think we all want to make choices that will lead us to better health, but sometimes the information is overwhelming and decision fatigue can make it harder to choose wisely. This list has great ideas that will be very versatile in the kitchen and help make a lot of different healthy meals!

This is an awesome list for people who like to stay away from spices and oils that will cause major health problems down the line. Most of the things on your shopping list I already use to fit my diet needs for diabetes and high blood pressure. Simply replace vegetable oil with virgin olive oil, and I use lots of apple cider vinegar. Am bookmarking this list as there is some things I need and so does my family. 

Hi Jannette- it sounds like you already use a lot of nutritious ingredients when cooking for your family. I hope this list provides you with a few more ideas to try!

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