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The Flexispot Standing Desk Will Make Your Workday Healthier

The Flexispot standing desk allows you to fight the negative health consequences of having a desk job without sacrificing any time in your workday.

You’ve probably heard that sitting throughout the workday is bad for your health but your busy schedule makes it hard to get away from your computer for some activity. The Flexispot standing desk allows you to fight the negative health consequences of having a desk job without sacrificing any time in your workday.

Please note that I reached out to Flexispot for an affiliate partnership after having such a positive personal experience with their product. Flexispot had no influence on the contents of this post. I may earn from qualifying purchases from Flexispot and Amazon.

Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

James Levine, MD, PhD, and former director of the Obesity Solutions Institute at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona was the first to say that sitting is the new smoking. While this claim remains controversial in the research literature (pro: Hart, 2015; con: Vallance et al., 2018), no one is denying the negative impacts that sitting can have on your health.

Research studies have consistently shown that sitting for >8 hours per day increases our risks for health problems like:

  • Doubling the risk of type 2 diabetes (Vallance et al., 2018)
  • 10-20% increased risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers
  • (Vallance et al., 2018)
  • Increased risk of central obesity (having more visceral fat around your stomach and organs; Chen et al., 2014)

Why We Spend So Much Time Sitting

Our lives are closely connected to technology. We’re on our smartphones for both answering emails and scrolling through social media. Our groceries and goods can be delivered from Amazon on short notice. Many of us have desk jobs where we only need to get up to use the restroom or walk into the conference room next door.

Our lifestyles have also, on average, become more sedentary since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Research studies have consistently found a decrease in people’s reported levels of physical activity when comparing their typical behavior before and since March 2020 (Caputo & Reichert, 2020). Many of us have also ditched our commutes to work and those sporadic walks from our offices to attend meetings.

Flexispot Standing Desk to the Rescue!

I’ve been working completely from home since March 2020, but being in academia, I kept expecting that I’d be back in the office eventually. So, I had been procrastinating investing in making my home office a comfortable and productive space. As the New Year approached, I knew it was time to embrace working remotely. I wish I was kidding, but I had been working from a foldable card table and chair for almost a year and a half. My lower back has been screaming.

I had read so much about the health risks of sitting all day that I shared with you above. So, I knew I wanted a standing desk that could help me reduce the time I spend sitting.

I chose the Flexispot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk in white, with the glass top finish.

Irresistable Features of the Flexispot Standing Desk

The Comhar model of Flexispot’s standing desks felt like the obvious choice for a home office, because it has the perfect combination of practical specs and innovative tech features. Some of the highlights are:

  • The desk is 48 inches long- making it fit easily into almost any home office space.
  • The tabletop height can be moved between 28.3″ to 47.6″ which can accommodate standing work for a wide variety of heights (including your children!).
  • The tabletop height is electrically adjusted with the touch of a button and you can preset up to four different heights (I have my presets programmed for when I’m standing and sitting).
  • The desk contains USB chargers with Type A and C ports, so you can charge your phone or other devices while keeping it nearby.
  • This model is one of the few with a drawer, which is perfectly sized for your notebooks and pens.
  • Aesthetically, the sleek white or black design and glass top looks incredible in any room. As a bonus- you can write notes on the glass top in dry erase markers!

How the Flexispot Standing Desk has Changed my Workday

TheFlexispot Comhar desk looks so sleek in my home office space.

Truthfully, it has been much easier and simpler to use the standing desk than I imagined. I thought I would need to set reminders on my phone to stand throughout the day, but I’ve used one simple technique that makes it a seamless part of my day:

Stand during meetings.

My workday is usually about 40% meetings and 60% time to write or complete tasks. So, my strategy helps me stand up for 3-4 hours of my day. I chose to stand during meetings because it is a time when I’m listening and taking notes more than focusing on deep work. It’s also easy to remember. I just hit one button to raise my desk right before signing onto Zoom.

Using this simple strategy with a standing desk will help you reduce how often you sit throughout the day. Then, you can add in bouts of intentional exercise. If you aren’t sure how to start, check out this article I wrote about how to be active on a busy schedule.

Accessories for Your Standing Desk

The more comfortable you are when you’re standing, the more likely you’ll be to do it. I invested in a few key accessories that have helped standing during meetings feel relaxing instead of causing physical fatigue.

  • Anti-fatigue mat: This is a must-have and keeps your feet comfy and cushioned while you stand. If you want something with a bit more texture, this ergonomic mat will give your feet a little massage while you stand.
  • Speaking of which… I have been obsessed with this foot roller. It is the PERFECT tool to fidget with when I’m standing, without anyone being able to see I’m moving. If you find yourself getting restless when you stand, consider using a foot roller. So now, while I’m in meetings, I’m giving myself foot reflexology, and it gives all the self-care vibes.
  • A comfortable ergonomically designed desk chair so you can maintain good posture during the seated part of your workday. This 5-star option from Flexispot is a great choice.
  • For extra credit, Flexispot even has under-desk bikes that can even turn your meetings into mini workouts (it is surprisingly difficult to tell if you’re pedaling while on camera, since it doesn’t shift your body back and forth).

Dr. Schulte’s Summary

There’s no doubt in the science that sitting (especially 8+ hours per day) can have negative health consequences. Our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary as technology has allowed even grocery shopping to be automated. One easy way to “fight back” against our sedentary schedules is to invest in a standing desk. By committing to standing during your meetings, you’ll shave off several hours of time you would otherwise spend sitting and positively influence your health. Flexispot is a perfect option for an affordable, functional, and sleek standing desk. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

What benefit do you hope to achieve by investing in a standing desk?

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Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and are not affiliated with my employers. Please seek medical guidance before pursuing weight loss or making significant changes to the way you eat or your physical activity routine.

6 replies on “The Flexispot Standing Desk Will Make Your Workday Healthier”

I like the Flexispot Standing Desk.  I clicked on the link and the price is not really too bad.  I am just wondering after always sitting, how hard is it to get used to standing the whole time.  I guess I can try this out on my bar and see how it goes.  That would be my only concern, that I would not like standing.  I love the look of the table, and certainly affordable…considering you do not need a chair.

Hi Leahrae! I would certainly recommend easing into it. I don’t stand all day long- I typically stand during meetings and sit while I’m writing, which is about 40% of my workday standing and 60% of my workday sitting. It is a perfect balance for me. Standing is also much easier with the accessories like an anti-fatigue mat for your feet, or the foot massager! I’d love to know your thoughts if you try it.

I love that you can use this desk for standing and sitting, as it does get tiring standing in one spot for long periods of time, and one may need to sit from time to time.

I agree that more people should be more active, and sitting all day at work is just counterproductive to how we are designed to live. I don’t think we were designed to be sitting or standing still for long periods of time, so this desk will give us the best of both worlds, not allowing us to be stagnant for too long.

Hi, Michel! I couldn’t agree more! The anti-fatigue mat makes a huge difference in your comfort level while standing. I would certainly recommend it as a must-have while you work up to standing several hours per day. I hope it goes well! 

I work from home, usually sitting on the sofa with a laptop or in bed leaning back on pillows. However, back problems started because my posture was not good with the way I was working. The physician told me to look for a desk and gave some suggestions for my type of work, that is how found your website about the Flexispot Standing Desk. Your review has helped me make a decision to purchase, Thank You. 

Hi Jannette! I’m happy to hear that you’re considering a standing desk! As much as I love relaxing and doing work from the couch or bed, it can commonly cause or aggravate back/shoulder pain. It sounds like the Comhar Flexispot would be a perfect fit for your needs, and I would certainly recommend pairing it with an ergonomic desk chair to support your posture when you are sitting to work! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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