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Renpho Scale Review- The Best to Measure Your Progress

I’m so excited to share my Renpho Scale review with you, as this scale is perfectly affordable and allows you to measure your body weight and many facets of body composition!

I’m so excited to share my Renpho Scale review with you, as this scale is perfectly affordable and allows you to measure your body weight and many facets of body composition!

After reading this article, you will understand why I highly recommend having a digital bathroom scale for measuring your progress throughout your journey to develop a healthy lifestyle. I’ll also share information about why you should consider investing in a scale that does not just measure body weight, but also measures multiple metrics of body composition, such as muscle mass and visceral fat (belly fat).

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Do I Need to Weigh Myself?

First, if you have a history of disordered eating or feel triggered by seeing your weight, then there may be risk to weighing yourself at home, and I would caution against it.

However, if you do not have a history of disordered eating and have weight loss goals, then science suggests several benefits of weighing yourself regularly. Studies have found that weighing yourself 1-2 times per week has been related to greater weight loss and higher likelihood of maintaining weight loss progress (Brockmann et al., 2020; Steinberg et al., 2013; Zheng et al., 2016).

These research studies show that weighing yourself regularly is related to long-term weight loss because:

  • It helps with accountability- you can see how your progress is going over time and how your lifestyle choices with eating/activity impact your weight.
  • It makes you more aware of “slips” in your progress- if you weigh yourself regularly, you’ll notice if you have a small weight gain. This can help you make alterations to your eating or activity habits to reverse this small “slip” sooner.

Body Weight Vs. Body Composition

One of the most important considerations for purchasing a digital bathroom scale is to invest in a device that measures your body weight and your body composition.

The two most important measures of body composition that relate to your health are: muscle mass and visceral fat.

Muscle Mass

Fat-free muscle mass is the amount of your body weight that is pure muscle. Your muscles are calorie-burning machines that use more energy, even at rest, compared to your body weight that comes from fat mass.

The key factor to pay attention to is how the proportion of your muscle mass vs fat mass changes over time– you want to increase your muscle mass while decreasing your fat mass. Having more muscle mass and less fat mass has been uniquely associated with improved physical health conditions, even beyond the effects of one’s weight status (Mador, 2002).

Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is more commonly known as “belly fat.” Visceral fat is a measure of body composition to pay attention to because it is the fat that accumulates around your organs.

As you may have guessed, having a greater amount of fat around your organs has been associated with an array of health complications. Visceral fat has been widely recognized in the science as an important risk factor for diet-related disease like cardiovascular conditions and type 2 diabetes (Bello-Chavolla et al., 2020; Elffers et al., 2017).

My Renpho Scale Review!

The specific model of theRenpho Scale that I am reviewing is the Renpho Premium Wifi- and Bluetooth-Connected Smart Digital Bathroom Scale. This is my top pick for a budget-friendly, accurate scale to measure your body weight and body composition, including fat-free muscle mass and visceral fat.

Measurement Capabilities

TheRenpho Scale measures your body weight, BMI, and 11 aspects of body composition:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Water Weight Percentage
  • Fat-Free Body Weight (Skeletal Muscle + Muscle Mass + Bone Mass)
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Protein
  • Basal Metabolism (how many calories your body burns at rest)
  • Body Age

The Renpho App

I appreciate how theRenpho Scale is both Wifi- and Bluetooth-connected and integrates with an incredible smartphone app (iPhone and Android compatible).

As you can see above, the app does a beautiful job of automatically using the Bluetooth connectivity to update your weight, BMI, and the 11 indicators of your body composition as soon as you step on the scale.

You can set goals and look at graphs for each of the measurements to see how they change over time. It is so inspiring to see your progress over time, especially because day-to-day fluctuations can hide how much progress you’re truly making in the long-run!

My Personal Experience with the Renpho Scale

I have been using theRenpho Scale for 3 years now and have been extremely impressed by this budget-friendly digital bathroom scale. I find it useful to weigh in about once per week to keep tabs on any changes that my body is going through, so I can proactively respond.

Even if you are not trying to lose weight, it is beneficial to understand how your body responds to different healthy lifestyle changes you are making. For instance, I used theRenpho Scale to track how my body changed when I started adding more strength training into my routine. I was thrilled to see how that I was increasing my muscle mass while decreasing my fat mass, even though the overall number on the scale didn’t change. I’m so glad I was using the scale so I could give myself credit for this progress!

Dr. Schulte’s Summary

Science shows that weighing yourself 1-2 times per week can help you stay accountable and be able to make adjustments sooner as you develop your healthy lifestyle habits. The ideal digital bathroom scale will measure not only body weight but also impactful indices of body composition that correlate with physical health, such as muscle mass and visceral fat. TheRenpho Scale is an excellent, budget-friendly option that checks all of these boxes. I hope you find it as helpful as I do, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just notice how your body responds to different healthy habits!

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Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and are not affiliated with my employers. Please seek medical guidance before pursuing weight loss or making significant changes to the way you eat or your physical activity routine.

8 replies on “Renpho Scale Review- The Best to Measure Your Progress”

I think, painful or not, it’s important to weigh yourself if you are trying to achieve a certain goal, whether it is weight loss or weight gain.  I like that it has an app because weight can vary day to day and week to week. I’ve found that the long-term chart of weight is helpful (and I assume this app has it).  My weight fluctuates greatly so it’s good to look back and see that number generally going down, despite the fluctuations.  I’ve always wondered though:  How does a scale measure all the other stuff like water retention, fat vs muscle and bone density?   

Hi Cynthia! I appreciate your perspective on the benefits you have found from tracking your weight. I would love to hear your thoughts on adding in body composition tracking with the Renpho Scale! It uses bioelectric impedance analysis. You stand on electrodes that send a harmless current through your body, and it determines fat vs muscle by the resistance of the current. It is painless and not something you would even notice is happening! Please let me know if you end up trying it!

I agree with you when you say we all should know our weight once or twice every week, by doing this, it has helped me to plan my weekly menu better and plan the grocery list for the next week, at home we have a regular scale, but after reading your article, it seems like the Renpho Scale will help me to keep on track better and know more about how I’m doing, thanks so much for sharing a great review to know more about the Renpho Scale. 

Hi Alejandra! I’ll be curious to hear what you think about the Renpho Scale being able to track your body composition and body weight!

My partner struggles with her weight and I probably could get into a lot of trouble if I were to get her a scale. However, the Renpho scale really seems like it captures all the important measures (11 that’s remarkable including that one would want to chart to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle. Where the Renpho in my opinion really steps up is with the app and as my wife has an IPhone it is a perfect match. Thanks for a super review. 

Hi, Hugh! You definitely bring up a tricky subject about how to introduce a tool that your partner may benefit from but could be offended by if you bought it for her. My advice would be to buy the Renpho scale that measures body composition for yourself and start raving about how cool it is! You can show her all the features you like in the app, and maybe she’ll take an interest in trying it out for herself! 

I agree with you when you say we all should know our weight once or twice every week but anymore is likely to have a detrimental affect. I generally get weighed at my gym once per week at the moment, but after reading your article, it seems like the Renpho Scale will help me to keep on track better and know more about how I’m doing, thanks so much for sharing a great review to know more about the Renpho Scale.

You’re very welcome, Danny! It is helpful to check your weight at the gym, but it will usually not reflect your “true” weight, since it can be thrown off by the clothing you’re wearing, the time of day you weigh in, and whether or not you worked out already. I think you would love the way this Renpho scale can measure changes in your body comp, too!

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