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Managing Stress During the Holidays (and Why it Helps You Eat Less)

Having go-to strategies for managing stress during the holidays can help you enjoy time with your loved ones AND make you feel like you got to relax over the break. But, did you know that managing stress can also help you eat less during the holiday season?

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The Best Scallop Recipe That Will Impress Your Friends

This impressive dish is both healthy and bursting with flavor. Learn how to make the best scallop recipe ever in just 15 minutes!

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Gifts for Health and Wellness (2021): Look No Further!

Shopping for someone in your life who is focused on their healthy lifestyle habits (or maybe buying yourself a gift)? Here are my top picks for gifts for health and wellness, based on the products my most successful patients swear by.

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Healthy Thanksgiving Tips: 3 Simple Steps for Success!

This article outlines 3 simple healthy Thanksgiving tips that will help you balance enjoying your favorite festive foods with your goals.

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What’s the Healthiest Alcohol to Drink? Your Ultimate Guide

Today, I’m answering a popular patient question: what’s the healthiest alcohol to drink? From wine to whiskey, I’ll give you my perspective on how alcohol fits into a healthy lifestyle and some ideas for low-carbohydrate cocktails.

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Catalina Crunch Cereal: Your New Go-To, Sugar-Free Breakfast!

Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast options but most brands are packed with sugar and lack the protein that keeps you full until lunch. Catalina Crunch cereal will totally transform your breakfast game!

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The 10 Best Low Carb Snacks to Try ASAP

Most snack foods aren’t very helpful for satisfying your hunger, because they are high in refined carbohydrates like white flour or sugar. These are my picks for the 10 best low carb snacks that you should try ASAP to level up your snacking game.

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How Much Protein Should I Eat Daily? The Answer Can Unlock Success!

Patients often ask me, “How much protein should I eat daily?” Protein is a key to achieving success regardless of whether you’re trying to create healthy eating habits, lose weight, or build muscle.

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What To Do After Overeating: It’s Not as Big of a Deal as You Think

Eating more than you planned to can feel extremely frustrating and disappointing, especially if you’re working hard to make healthy changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. Read on to learn exactly what to do after overeating to leverage your motivation and get back to making progress towards your goals.

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Kiss My Keto Gummy Review: A Delicious New Way to Satisfy Cravings

Today’s post shares my comprehensive Kiss My Keto gummy review. Spoiler alert: you’ll be running out to try these ASAP.